Teaching a zine workshop

When I moved to Boston, I immediately contacted the Papercut Zine Library. I’ve started volunteering there, and on Friday I got to go to 826 Boston to help teach a zine-making workshop.

Boys! zine

Clara and I went to 826, and we spent two hours teaching four kids ages 8-11 how to make zines. It was a very positive experience – the kids were absolutely awesome, the staff was as supportive as needed, and each kid ended up with a pretty imaginative, awesome zine.

The two boys in the group were both into WWE wrestling (which I happen to have a knowledge-base of) so we bonded while they decided what kind of wrestling zine to make.

Wrestling zine

This zine features the author’s top five favorite wrestlers, and his top five least favorites. I have to say, I agree with him on Edge (but I don’t like him because his eyes stick out funny, and is therefore not cute). His favorite is John Cena, who hails from MA.

In all, it was the best zine-making experience I’ve ever had. Between Clara and I, we were able to give a lot of personal attention to each kid, and I’m so impressed that they were able to make clever, imaginative zines in two hours.

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