29 and feeling fine

It’s my birthday, all! Last night, around midnight, I decided to get all excited for my birthday. I made Jason be charming and fun. (Then he put his cold feet on my legs.)

Today I slept in (8:40!), reached my hand over to the nightstand, pulled over the Nintendo DS, and played videogames for an hour. Then a bubble bath, and a call to my sister. Now I’m eating frosted mini wheats and updating my Goodreads. I’m going to go pants shopping (thanks ever so much to Inky for pointing out this fabulous website that asks you in-depth questions about jeans and bras and such, then offers suggestions based on your body shape) and meet Jason for a birthday dinner.

I was thinking about picking up a tiara to wear, but it’s snowing and I don’t think it’ll fit under my hat. Maybe I need to knit a hat that has room for a tiara, or a hat that has a tiara on it. That would be totally Fancy Nancy.

Ta ta.

  1. Happy Birthday! Fancy Nancy is a fun book. Have you read Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy? Good stuff.

  2. Happy happy birthday
    Today’s your special day
    Happy happy birthday
    So have some fun, m’kay?

    Hugs and kisses!!

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