Why, you ask?

Why am I posting so much, like a monsoon after a drought?

It’s a combination of suggestions (write about the Kindle!), guilt-laden comments (you never post anymore), and finally, learning that a friend has started using Google Reader + Outside Cat + his Blackberry, which = instant, constant updates.

This alone is enough to inspire me to write more.

I also got into a conversation with a young patron who was talking about how she doesn’t want to be a blogger, and I asked if she journaled, and she said she thinks it’s hard to write about herself because it’s boring and self-related all the time. I told her I felt the same way until my college roommate (Stephanie) gave me a Harry Potter journal. I made myself start writing in it every day, and it truly was boring and self-related (a lot of ‘omg, i have nothing to write’), but it became a habit, and I continued to journal. Then when I got a Diaryland account, it became something I could access during the day (rather than my just-before-bed habit). THEN, I discovered Livejournal, which many of my friends used. THEN, I discovered Jason, who showed me the ways of servers and domain names, and I migrated all my Livejournal writings over to the now-current (and really-ready-for-a-new-design) Outside Cat.

After I told her all this, I realized that I’ve lost the habit of writing, and I decided it was time to get back to it. Much like flossing, I’m not waiting till the new year to make this resolution.

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