1. I do, actually. But it had to do with a time several years ago when I became paranoid that my teeth were feeling loose and I thought how horrible it would be to be toothless, so I started flossing every night before bed. And I use my Sonicare toothbrush twice a day.

    I’m a dental hygiene nerd. 🙂

  2. This is making me feel much better about the whole thing. I plan on being very very old one day (like my 107-year-old great grandmother was) and I’m gonna need these chompers.

  3. I used to, until I had a baby and now choose to get an extra 2 minutes in bed over flossing every night. But I do floss weekly.

  4. I am also a dental hygiene nerd. I cannot sleep without flossing, even if I am about to pass out drunk I will drag myself to the bathroom to floss and brush. But I am sure there could still be some sort of conspiracy at work here…

  5. My theory is that they tell you to do it because (virtually) no one does, so then they can blame any tooth-al problems on your lack of flossing.

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