One last wedding event

This weekend was the last in a long string of events that PROVE that Jason and I are married. We certainly are now, after a long weekend on the farm, complete with a Green wedding reception (one that includes the community center and an announcement in the paper in lieu of sending invitations).

I’ve learned that going to my own wedding reception is hard, because I know everyone there, and they’re all there because of me, and I can’t spend enough time with any of them. Awwwwkward. Oh well. There was cheesecake, so that makes up for it. A little.

On the upside, it was fun to see lots of relatives and friends, and to hang out on the farm, and eat HyVee chinese and Hungry Hobo subs (comfort foods) and Exotic Thai (high-quality comfort food) and scratch John Edwards behind his ear. (He is a dog.)

Pictures to come.

  1. I wish I could have been there, but I definitely know what you’re saying. I’d rather have a quality weekend of visiting whales (or you visiting us)!

  2. Hy Vee!

    I hear you. I barely spent any time at all with anyone at my wedding reception. I don’t even think I got to sit down with my family for very long. I remember eating one small snacky thing, a bit of my cake, and the rest is a blurry whirl.

  3. I loved loved loved getting to hang out with you and the assorted Greens (and one Wadsbone!). You were a very attentive hostess!!!

  4. oh, all the things i love…exotic thai, hyvee chinese, hungry hobo and donya!

    except on second thought, since i became a vegetaraian, im not sure how great hyvee chinese would be anymore… ;(

    hope married life is treating you WONDERFULLY!

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