This appeals directly to my love of small spaces and reading

I’ve spent a lot of time in various small spaces, reading. This makes my heart sing with joy.

the cave

5 Responses to “This appeals directly to my love of small spaces and reading”

  1. Kjerste says:

    Too bad all she owns are 36 copies of the same book . . .

  2. Anne says:

    That is way too cool! I want a cave! I think all children’s rooms should have that!

  3. Aden says:

    We had ~4ft diameter lit, carpeted reading cubbies in the walls of the second grade classrooms at my elementary school. Unfortunately, no other grades’ classrooms were similarly blessed, something I still don’t understand. They obviously had the idea, the means, and the technology, why so stingy with the amenities?

  4. sunday says:

    Totally! I guess one of the kindergarten classrooms at my elementary had a bathtub. It wasn’t hooked up – it had pillows in it.

    Wait, Ade, didn’t your college have carpeted reading cubbies?

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