Clavicular update

I’m working with one hand here, so you’ll have to deal with my update being text copied from an email to my Aunt Who Wanted Details:

All pain associated with the accident decreased over time. The most pain was directly after the fall. I was riding next to the line of traffic, as opposed to in the line of traffic, so I remained out of mortal peril. I hobbled to the side of the street, and by that time the pain had reached its peak. I knew my head was split open, and I didn’t yet know that my clavicle was broken. By the time I called Jason to come pick me up, the adrenaline had worked its magic. At the hospital, they offered me a painkiller, and advised that although i wasn’t feeling too bad, the adrenaline would be wearing off. Even with the percocet, i could feel things moving around in my shoulder. They had put a neck brace on me, which was mostly uncomfortable and made me worry I had neck damage.

The x-ray showed my clavicle resembling a twig snapped cleanly in two, and no spine damage.

They stitched up my head (3 stitches?), put me in a sling, and sent me home with more percocet. I have an appointment with a specialist in 2 weeks to check on the bone healing.

I haven’t taken anything stronger than a Tylenol after the first day. The muscles in my left arm and shoulder get fatigued, and if I move wrong (and ‘wrong’ changes daily) it’ll hurt a little, but mostly grind disturbingly.

I felt the padding crunch in my helmet too.

I still don’t know why I crashed. I remember my front wheel/handlebars moving back and forth (like a side-to-side wobble), and thinking “that’s weird” right as I lost my balance. I didn’t feel any nudge from a car or rock under my tire. Other than my brakes being dis-aligned from hitting the ground, my bike is in perfect working order. I have to chalk it up to a mystery and leave it at that.

Jason’s been my left hand, and doesn’t seem to mind. The car is stick shift, so he’ll be my chauffeur for a while. 4-6 weeks is the average healing time.

I don’t plan on being average. We Greens heal fast.

Now for a well-propped nap.

  1. OUCH! Those pictures are crazy! Did you have Jason take those pictures? Hehe, that is so something I would have done too!
    I”m sorry we didn’t get to kev’s, but we will.
    That bath mat looks awesome as well!
    Talk to you soon. I hope you are healing nicely.

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