Surprise! I’m not dumb now.

Jason’s out of town this weekend, and if there’s something I’ve learned about myself, it’s that if left to my own devices, I use those devices to make radical alterations to myself. You should be glad I’m not freshly tattood.

IMG_9015.JPG IMG_9031.JPG IMG_9029.JPG IMG_9019.JPG
Click on thumbnails to see larger images. Plus there’s more on Flickr.

I only left the house today to go get hair dye. It’s a good thing I have work tomorrow, or I may never move.

  1. As my old man used to say…..

    Blonds are dangerous.
    Brunettes are true.
    But you never, never know what a red head will do.

    (PS: Do collars and cuffs match?)

  2. Cheeky.

    I did accidentally get some dye on my stomach, and it made me giggle insanely wondering if the blonde fuzz above navel would be brown. I think the insane giggling was due to the dye fumes.

  3. yay! like when i met you, and you had bangs and a camera around your neck all the time. but better. and with pink. then i just wanted to be your friend. now i want to merry you.

  4. Muy cute! I also like the eyeliner. It really makes your eyes pop (in a pretty way, not a squishy grape way).

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