We got a DVD about bullying, called Stop Bullying! and I couldn’t tell from the packaging or any online reviews (definitively) what age group its for. We have juvenile and young adult sections, so I brought the film home to check it out. It came highly recommended, so I was also curious to see if it really is good, or if it uses a star wipe, if you know what I mean.

I am really really glad I’m not a kid anymore. I’m sure everyone has bully stories, as even bullies are usually bullied by someone else.

I just finished Hoot, which has a really nice bully subplot. The main character thinks and acts really well when repeatedly confronted by a bully, in a way that could be emulated.

I’ve decided that the DVD is indeed really good. At first, I think thought it’s for for the J section. The kids are mostly in junior high, therefore using the kid-taste-rule-of-thumb, it’s for upper elementary students, because junior high students like to read about high schoolers, and elementary students like to read about junior high. Then I considered the types of scenarios they were talking about. Lots of it is universal bullying, but some of it involves situations that invoked bullying like talking to someone else’s boyfriend, so I’m going to stick with YA.

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