Marylaine posted a link to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website, which has a .pdf of typical questions found on the naturalization exam.

(Hey, Keem found the newest version of the exam!)

Some of the questions I knew (What are the colors of our flag?), some were hard (Why are there 100 senators in the US Senate?), and some I can’t imagine answering in a way that is easily quantified (Who is Martin Luther King, Jr.?).

Go check it out!

  1. Neat!
    I recently read an article (somewhere) that said they are changing the questions on the exam soon in order to test concepts instead of rote answers. So the questions will be more like “Why was the Emancipation Proclamation important?” and about how the election process works than “Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner?”
    Reactions to the pending change are mixed, I hear.

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