Viva la Rogue

After the meal is over, my family always talks about how this was the best meal ever. I agree, of course, but this year had a few fantastic extras.

1. El Chipps
2. El Chipps’ cranberry sauce and chocolate-chip-zucchini bread
3. No babies
4. John Edwards. Yes, he was there.
5. El Chipps learned to knit
6. My mom, grandmother, and aunt all took pity on me and re-rolled a particularly tangled ball of yarn.
7. The best weather yet since nigh 1987.

Jason and I went a-bike shoppin’ yesterday, and I think we both fell in love with bikes. The one I’m looking at is powder blue. Jason’s is robin’s egg blue. Totally different.
Alls well that ends well. Rogue travelled a looooong time,
and safely made it to Japan, where it is being worn every day.

Al wearing Rogue

This is Al. Al is a superhero and a spy and a poker player. She hails from the bowels of eastern Iowa,
and is doing … you know … spy stuff. And teaching preschoolers how to count in English. And playing the mellophone.

Rogue goes on holiday


  1. Great! Your Rogue looks so cute, love that color. I *will* get started on Rogue…probably in january. Gah! Too much stuff to do, must knit Rouge.

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