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I’m finally home from my week of interviews. I’m tired, and at the same time recharged. My ability to make decisions has returned, which I’m grateful for.

After leaving Kate y Ade, I had a two-hour delay at the airport, which ate up all the precious time I had between landing and getting to the library where I was interviewing. I had to forgo the bus option (and I was all prepared with printouts of each route available) and go with a taxi. Boo.

The interview was the most rigorous questioning I’ve experienced with an interview, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I performed a story time for two grown adults who did not work in children’s services (awwwwkward!) but managed it.

The whole thing took just over an hour. I changed out of my professional wear, and into utilitarian gear. I was to be picked up by one of my best friend’s boy friend – a guy I have known about for five years, but never met. Luckily, he’s rad, so there was very little of the adjustment needed to meeting someone you should have meet years ago. It’s not my fault – he’s a Kiwi, and always in exotic places like Texas.

Dr. Kim (to differentiate from Librarian Kim) had to work during the evenings I was there, so it was up to Steve to be my Seattle guide. We walked down a long hill to a happy hour, then blissfully stumbled up it back home. I’d been feeling like I wanted to get rip-roaring drunk ever since I finished The Devil in the White City, and Steve helped obligingly. We ate happy-hour-priced appetizers, and he explained the rules of rugby. I immediately forgot.

Kim and I haven’t seen each other in at least a year and a half, and I didn’t know I was going to Seattle with enough time for her to change her schedule. I feel like we’ve managed to catch up, but it’s going to take more hanging out – and soon – to get the satisfying feeling of a close friendship going again. That’s another pretty good reason to want the job in Seattle.

I’ll know whether or not I made the preliminary cut for Seattle and LA soon after Thanksgiving. By then I should also know whether or not I got the job in Fairhaven. You’ll be impressed to know that I haven’t tried figuring out what to do before I know what I have to work with. I can’t wait to find out who wants me – and then choose a place to start being a librarian. This is so so satisfying.

Here’s the best thing I’ve seen in a while – Karla sent it to me:

children's book

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