That doesn’t quite work as well, because SMeffanie Tassick is now StAffanie Elexander.

I have to tell you why Stephanie makes my heart sing with joy. It’s not just because she’s my favorite model.

Part of my train journey yesterday included watching the first episode of the third season of Battlestar Galactica. Stephanie had been telling me about the show, and in particular about how I reminded her of a character named Starbuck.

I watched the mashup of the first two seasons, so I could begin watching season three and have a good idea of what’s been going on. In the beginning, Starbuck is a fighter pilot. By season three, the ess has hit the fan, and she ends up a love slave to a robot on a colony planet.

At some point, Starbuck goes from having a pageboy haircut to a Christina Aguilera mane.
Christina Aguilera

So I’m sitting on this train, thinking “I wonder if Starbuck has a weave.” There’s no way to check via internet, so I decide I must know, and text message Stephanie.

She called back within a minute. She confirmed my suspicion with a theory that since the show jumped forward a year during the last episode, it was either a wig or a weave. Since it seems to incorporate her hair length (read: lots of short layers on top) it’s probably a weave.

  1. Is there a spoiler for current Battlestar Galactica in this post? I started reading it and you mentioned how you just saw the first episode of the third season and I was all, “Oh my god, I cannot find out!” I’m on the seventh episode of the first season and slowly but surely trying to catch up.

    Good show, eh?

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