GSLIS Halloween 2006

Here is my Halloween costume.

Halloween 2006

My costume was that I wasn’t wearing a costume (unless the Sonya costume consists of jeans and hoodies) but I had a big ol’ flesh wound. My story goes that I was mugged on the way to the party. The muggers were kind of bitey. My plan was to turn zombie halfway through the evening. I succeeded.


I didn’t drink too much, but I did eat too much candy. That’s edible blood I made, then left in the microwave too long, so then it became hard candy blood. That, plus a cupcake and dozens of handfuls of candy corn left me with a tummyache the likes of which have not been seen since nigh 1985.

Also, check out Zombie Einstein.

zombie einstein

He says “E=MC(dead)”.

Then he bit me.

zombie einstein + zombie sonya

p.s. – like Miss E said, rum jello shots are just fine. I overreacted.

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