Worst idea ever: black rum jello shots

I’m cohosting the Hottt Librarian Halloween Party tonight, and I am in charge of making gelatin shots (it’s Mejer brand, and I will not be part of copyright infringement).

Today I learned that although you CAN mix grape and lime gelatin, and it WILL make a convincing black color, it’s not very tasty.

THEN I learned that there’s a reason people use vodka for jello shots. Right now I have a tray of evil jello shots stinking up my fridge. Wadsbone suggested that we use them as punishment during the party. There will be some double-dog dares tonight.

  1. Actually, jello shots made with dark/black rum would be worse. I’ve made some v tasty rum jello shots before – but that was with strawberry jello. Hmm.

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