Best Critical Mass ever

Well, of the two Critical Masses I’ve been to, this was one rocked my socks.

Don’t you think I need a cape?

The semester has just begun, and went to my first Champaign-Urbana CM. We started off on campus, rode into Champaign, then into Urbana, and ended up at the Sweet Corn Festival.

My bike weighs like 75 lbs, which makes for a slow start, but it’s kind of like driving a station wagon – once you get going, you can coast for quite a while. I ended up in front (with Lena, in the white sk8er helmet) at the end, and we spied an empty parking lot, so we ended up in this gigantic space, and as we coasted in, we began circling around, and although I want to use the term “whirling dervish”, I won’t. We rode around in a circle, and then two opposite-direction circles and everyone was grinning and it was awesome.

I have to thank Laurie for taking picture – ones that may become famous sometime soon, I hear. You can see the rest of the Critical Mass in all of its glory (and circliness) at Laurie’s Flickr site.

The Chicago Critical Mass in July was amazing for the sheer number of people. This month’s Critical Mass was amazing for the coziness and spontaneous public display of synchronized biking. I wonder what next month will be like. I kind of think I need a cape.

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