I need your opinion on this skirt.

Hi. We’ve known each other for long enough that I’m confident that you have a pretty good idea of what I’m like. That being said, I need your help. See, I was getting groceries … actually, I needed a hair dryer, so I went to Target, and I ALWAYS check their clearance rack … and I found this skirt. I wasn’t sure if it fit well, or if it looked good, but I decided to buy it anyway. I figured if I decided against it, I could always return it. (Right, Mom?)

So, this is a $14.99 skirt (originally $30). It’s black, and it has zippers. There’s a lining with tulle (featured in one of the pictures). So does the tulle make it poof out weird? Is it too goth for my perky self? Are zippers passé?





Tulle! If you click on any of these, you can see bigger versions, and several more shots. I know, I know, you really don’t want to spend more time helping me decide about a skirt, but I NEED YOU. The comment board is now open.

  1. I dig the skirt, it’s hot, punk, and sassy, but its totaly a fall/winter skirt, its not the kind you can wear this spring/summer with flip-flops, or tennies…you may not dig it as much when winter rolls around again, and who needs to be reminded of that fact! It might hang in the closet for 6 months, and then you finally get to wear it, you might be over it.

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