I’m so freaking excited, and I know how much the Heavy Metal Librarian will love this.

I dreamed of zombies. I DID! There were zombies, like in allllll the movies. I was safe inside, but navigating between points ( because we had to leave, of course) was tricky due to the undead. So here’s what I’ve learned in my dream (because real-life practice is hard to get in these parts):

There’s a tipping point – where there are enough zombies that you can’t slip inbetween them without them catching ahold of your hair or jean jacket. That’s when you’re in trouble.

Being in a zombie situation is much like playing football. You can kind of shoulder into them as you go by, and it puts them off balance. So it was like trying to find the widest spaces between them, and then barreling through. I didn’t stiff-arm any of them, but giving them a good hard shove with my shoulder really worked well.

Bones are brittle, yo. I could grab a zombie by the head, yank down, and their spines would give out – meaning they would kind of fold over just below the shoulders. This put the head in stomping range. (I don’t know how well this really works – I can’t describe it accurately and it was a dream, after all.)

Shaun of the Dead

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