I’m totally going to do this when I have some free time.

So I had this amazing idea today as I was walking to the Chemistry Library. I had my digital camera in my pocket, and I was thinking about what pictures I could take, and for what purpose. Then, it hit me.

I should take pictures of all of the places I go during my weekly routine. Then, I should make a Mappr of my schedule. You could go down the list : Monday, I go to the main library to the conservation library (insert hot picture of Jennifer Teper with some glue here), then I go to class at GSLIS (insert image of me telling a story). Tuesday, I go to my undergrad Spanish class (picture here sullen undergrads who are too cool for school), then the Chem Library (insert hottt picture of me all sweaty in the overheated back room).

Who would want to look at this? I mean, besides scary stalkers who want to use my MySpace profile to hunt me down and kill me?

My grandmother. That’s who I was thinking would like this. Maybe I can make one that only she can see. That way all y’all creeps who lurk the outsideCat won’t have your dinner served on a silver platter.

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