Quick list of things to do before turning 27

1. Finish Joan Bauer’s Rules of the Road (for YA Lit).
2. Sleep
3. Wake up
4. Dasayuna
5. Take shower
6. Put on pretty pretty princess birthday outfit.
7. Have fabulous birthday lunch with Ryan.
8. Read Child of the Owl in the sunshine (for YA Lit).
9. Get great birthday haircut that doesn’t make me cry or look like a newscaster.
Oh, and I get till 3:30 pm, because that’s when I met the world.

That’s a lot of stuff to cross off the list. I wonder if I’ll get everything done. I should also come up with a list of things to do during the 27th year.

  1. Things on that list should deffo include:

    1. Go to Bonnaroo
    2. Be more fabulous this year than in all previous years.

    I find #2 to be a totally reasonable goal that I achieve with great ease.

  2. I meant before you turn 28 for the bike ride.

    I don’t even HAVE the motorcycle right now – it’s in a garage in Savoy and will likely not start unless I jump it.


  3. Fair enough. I’ll move the bike ride to next year – unless you want to go for a bicycle ride this afternoon …

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