Added to list of “Jobs to Have”

I’ve been researching how to uglify my bike – I have a shiny red, white, and blue (gag) mountain bike, and I don’t want it to get stolen. Chambana isn’t an urban letch, but college towns=stolen bikes.

Although I’ve decided that uglifying might take more than a little duct tape (I’m considering knitting a bike cozy), I ran across a really fun, engaging article/blog post about deciding to be a bike courier. The author used to be a coder, so there’s an element of ‘damn the man’, but in a cube-hater way. Office Space is mentioned.

I’ve been riding more than I have in years, so maybe that’s why I’m so charmed by this little piece of writing. I could see being a bike courier for a while.

Even if you hate being outside, it’s an interesting peek into the life of, as the author states, “two wheels and a meat motor.”


  1. Oh…excellent link! I, too, dream of breaking out of my cubicle of hell. But not as a bike courier, and ain’t no way in hell am I uglifying my bike. Jeremiah (cuz he’s green and Jeremiah was a bullfrog, was a good friend of mine) is bike perfection.

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