Mmmm, Google Scholar

You know what I love? Technology. Technology makes being a librarian and learning about hot librarianism that much easier. Google Scholar is my new favorite toy.

I have a concern about the reference courses here. I have this amazing, funny, insightful, clever, giant-brained professor who is also currently working as a head ref librarian. We get these amazing source lists every week, with both print and online references.

The other class has a professor who, from what I’ve heard from frustrated students, provides mostly print sources, which is fine and dandy – I’m the last person to shun a book – but in the real reference world, that’s really not the way you’re going to find the answer when you’re working in a public library and someone asks you for the text of a poem they think has the words ‘brothers in spirit’ in it. That’s what The Columbia Grangers World of Poetry Online is for.

In the words of Crazy Aunt Purl, “I’m just saying, is all.”

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