Pack animal

I scored mad boxes at janky Jewel last night, and started packing. I have a mountain of unwanted goods and services in a corner of my bedroom. I am fairly proud of my ability to stay on task with all of this. I am neither waiting till the last minute, nor exclusively using plastic garbage bags.

It was so warm, though, that I ended up doing a majority of the packing wearing nothing but underpants and a sharpie (tucked in the band).

Sorry, Mom, if that was too much.

Anyway, the dream I had last night involved moving to another foreign country to be an au pair, again. There was a little boy and a little girl, just like last time. The difference is that the kids liked me, and we had fun. At one point, I knit the boy a very specific looking doll – it looked a lot like Jack Skellington, but with a cowboy hat.

I’d draw and post it, but you’d be like “What’s that little stick figure for?”

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