Last night a crafter saved my life

Last night, Kat came over and we tried round two of homemade silkscreened shirts. After a little hemming and hawing about what to make, I suggested using a picture of a friend jumping up in the air. I Photoshopped the image into a shadow (by increasing contrast) and we were off!

I am working on a design for a friend, but I decided to try the stencil out on a hoodie meant for me, to make sure it worked well. (You can read that as “It looked so cool, I wanted it for myself.”)

After meticulous outlining with Modge Podge, there was a brief lull while the goo dried.

If you don’t know what the significance of the particular domino I chose is, you’re simply not cool.


We decided to mix the acrylic paint with more water this time, thinking that a thinner paint would spread easier, and not get caught in the screen as much.


Tada! I got some paint on my hand, and my hand brushed the hoodie, so that’s why there’s a dark splotch in the upper left corner of the pocket.


Aaaaaand we’re done.
jumpdone 61on

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