Lincoln Park should get the boot.

I think that moving to Canada would be chuss. What we need to do is start a commune. One that uses its members as sweet oxygen to infuse the murky and more murky air we breathe. Not a non-washing, everybody-sleeps-together, only-eat-hummus commune. I'm talking about a hifi-wired, meat-in-the-freezer, Netflix-type of commune. The sharing happens on the intellectual level more than the need to share dietary requirements or dishes. Sharing showers will be permitted. Books will be lent and Scrabble will be played.

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From this hub, we can create a humming bubble of warmth. Homogeneous? No. Living with your own clones can lead to arguments, and I happen to know that living with a bunch of people you'd assume you had much in common with will test your tensile strength more than you think.

Bubble of warmth, check.
Tensile strength, check.

OK, ready to take on the rest of the country? Great. With good support, this hub can send the humming vibe out and warm the scared, half-frozen hearts of many. We'll begin to move toward a better understanding of our neighbors, our neighboring states, and our neighbouring countries.

<i>Right. I just lost the wind in my sails as I realized that what I really want is a commune of people to hold me like a bean bag chair, stroking my hair and telling me in a hushed tone that everything is fine, everything is fine.</i>
This past week was one of neutral to negative feelings. Sunday I learned that if you don't read/pay attention to/believe small-texted no parking signs,
you'll end up with a very expensive boot on your car. The only legitimate way to park in the Spin Cycle parking lot is to ONLY use the Spin Cycle facilities. If you go next door for a cinnoman roll,
you'll get the boot. It's a stupid rule, praying on those who have parked in other lots with similar signage and never was booted. It was essentially a $115 private parking ticket.

Luckily, mere hours after the event, I was given a mom-hug which righted all in the world.