Knitty Gritty Dirt Band

Last Friday, I got home from work with the idea that I would spend the evening working on the iPod cozy prototype I’ve been knitting for Kate and Ade. I blocked it (incidentally, the first time I’ve bothered to block anything) and realized that nothing could be done till it dried.

Did I work on the iPod lining? Did I work on the three scarves I have left to knit for Karen, which I really ought to do because she bought the yarn!? NO.

I’ve been thinking about knitting myself a poncho, and for some reason, it hit on Friday. I could not wait any longer to start this project. Casting existing projects aside (no pun inteded), I drove to Joann’s Fabrics in Waukegan to find some Homespun. See, I could have knit this thing out of nicey yarn, but that would be expensive. I’d rather use stupid Lion Brand yarn and only spend $12 on the project.

So here I am, it’s Tuesday, and all I can think about is getting home to the poncho. I don’t know if it will look good, or look good on me, but we all need something to obsess about in life, and since I have a boyfriend, I’m kind of stuck on the knitting thing.

Better than drugs. Better than other guys. Better than porn. Better than America’s Next Top Model (but a close second).

Oh, you’d like to see what this poncho would look like? It looks like this, only with a yarn called Adirondack, described thusly: “dusty greens and mauve recall the distant mountains.”

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