We make our own holidays

Three-day weekends make traveling with a baby a lot more feasible, because you have more time to enjoy your destination between travelings.

National holidays work against you, though, because everyone else is on the road, train or plane.

Thus, we stayed home for Labor Day weekend, and are using a precious vacation day to make our own three-day weekend now. We’ve scheduled our driving to coincide with 80’s nap (see fig. 1), which works really well for all of us.

We packed and had a leisurely breakfast this morning, hopped in the car, and 80 will wake up in two hours when we get to the ferry (which will take us to an island for maximum vacationing). 80 will be asleep for the boring car ride, then awake for the boat ride. Hopefully this works out as well as I have smugly planned.

Fig. 1


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