Mini milestone: shoes


There comes a point when your baby becomes more interested in trying on your shoes, rather than mouthing them. Today is that day. It’s a small victory.

Today was generally above average. Usually, 80 and I muddle our way through a day that revolves around eating and naps. The rest of the time is fill-in playing at home or out (the park, library, the rare playdate). By right around 5 pm, I start having the same vague thoughts of wishing J was home from work, wishing I lived near family, and dreading making dinner (I am not much of a cook, what do I make that’s 80-friendly, how do I make it while she’s underfoot?)

This morning I took 80 on a bike ride. We got home, and she refused to get out of the bike seat. She held the crossbar down and shook her head vehemently (well, it looked vehement with her bike helmet on). So I went out for another ride.

While biking, I tried to tell her if we were going to hit a bump, so she wouldn’t be startled. She started signing [more] after a bump, and I started looking for rough patches in the road.

We went down a hill, fast enough to pick up some breeze. 80 lifted her hands from the bike seat crossbar and put them above her head in the typical “rollercoaster” fashion. It was spontaneous on her part, so I wonder if it’s innate (also, why). It made me giddy to see her do it, knowing she was experiencing a flying feeling, and probably some baby euphoria.

Again, when we got home, she wasn’t happy. An hour and a half after we initially left the house, I finally got her to agree to go inside with the lure of snacks and hand-washing. (That sounds OCD, but remember she’s a toddler, and it’s like a mini pool party.)

That long set of rides readjusted my view on our lives. We went out and did something we were both happy to do. If we can have more experiences like this, I can continue to handle this stay-at-home thing.

  1. I love this post. I can just see 80 raising her arms to add to the thrill of a down hill. That is one of the wonderful things about the ibert – every trip is like a roller coaster ride for the passenger. There are some big, bumpy hills around here I think 80 would enjoy. We miss you guys.

  2. I get great mental images of 80 throwing her baby arms around in the wind with a big smile on her face. Cute!

    The good news is that there will be lots more awesome days like this because while the baby stage is fun, the toddler and up stages are amazing. Sooooo much fun. Two year olds happen to be some of my very favorite age people to be around. Plus once she gives up naps you won’t have that slowing you down so you’ll get to go on all these long epic adventures and spend long days at the zoo or the park (or the zoo AND the park!) or museums without having to check your watch for naptime. Lots of awesome stuff to come!

    Hoping to see you guys again soon!

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