On diaper strike

Another milestone our baby book makes us note: 80’s first haircut.

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It wasn’t so much a haircut as a trimming of a few wispies in front of her eyes. I was hoping they’d grow long enough to sweep to the side (thus giving us the same haircut), but that never happened. They’re so thin and sparse that a barrette (which fits into the choking hazard category) slowly slides down her head.


See how much more passive and docile she is with a haircut? It’s just like wild animals. Oh, you didn’t know that? Oh yeah, you just have to wrestle a fox down to the ground and give it a trim.

On diaper strike,
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This is what I came upon when I got 80 up from her nap.

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  1. Emily says:

    Eli figured out how to remove his diaper just a day or so after I read your post. He gives me this devilish look and starts to slowly un-velcro it, like some kind of weird baby striptease. I might have to invest in some diapers w/ snaps. Are you ever coming through Mpls again? I think our babies would get along like gangbusters.

  2. sunday says:

    I’ve heard snaps, keeping a onesie on, and putting the diaper/diaper cover on backwards can all help thwart baby stripteases (which made me snort-laugh).

    We don’t roll through Mpls the way we do Chicago. At some point, though, we’ll have to introduce 80 to her Godfather of Soul, Jake.

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