OK, so the second year is just as hard.

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On top of everything else, I lost the post I wrote. Life is hard. 80’s sick, teething and changing her nap habits. It was rainy all week, and the library (my sanctuary) is closed on Thursdays.

4 Responses to “OK, so the second year is just as hard.”

  1. melissa says:

    Never could quite get the hang of Thursdays?

    Not to steal away the light at the end of the tunnel but.. the ninth year is pretty tough, too. I’m still holding out hope that the tenth will be a piece of cake.

  2. Mary Roballo says:

    Maybe that means you should come and visit me! I have an eight year old that LOVES babies and will play with 80 so you can chill on my (toy covered) couch.

  3. Mary Roballo says:

    When 80 is feeling better, that is! Hope it’s over quickly.

  4. Laura says:

    Want to hang out sometime soon? I’m about to pop, but still feeling good. You can come to me (and Mary!) or I can even come to you perhaps… 🙂

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