Happy 3/4 of a year!

Parents always say that the first year goes by quickly. I think they (wait, we) say this because:
a) it’s been our experience, and we’re incredulous that time has, indeed, flown by.
b) we’re trying to warn parents of newborns, so that they:
i) feel reassured that the endless minutes won’t feel like this forever.
ii) they take time to revel in the fact that their baby will never be this young again.

Take 80 for example. She’s 9 months old today. You’re probably thinking “wow, yeah, I can’t believe she’s getting so big, it seems like yesterday that I saw the liveblogged birth pictures.” You may feel a sense of satisfaction in seeing pictures and video of her looking like what we think of as a baby (sitting up, finger in the mouth, babbling) rather than the half-baked exofetus she was for the first bit.

Imagine that feeling times ten, and you’ve got how I feel. Jason and I will express this by saying “we’ve managed not to kill the baby!”

Just look at her. We’ve avoided all the scary things we read about (although it’s easy if do said reading), and she’s thriving. She’s like the best houseplant ever!

  1. Three kids in, and I’m still amazed at how fast the first year seems. And that we didn’t kill him. Though I think we broke him – he’s still not crawling. He will kind-of-walk if you hold his hands, though. (:

    Happy 3/4, 80!

  2. Is he army crawling? 80 isn’t crawling-crawling yet, just like her mama didn’t.

    Did you put him back together after your last cleaning, and there were parts left over?

  3. Not even army crawling. I put him down on his belly and break out the bubbles. My kids love bubbles. He gets so excited. And scoots backwards. And then gets annoyed and cranky. Bah.

    Aren’t there supposed to be parts leftover? Hmm.. I’ll have to look into that. (:

  4. spending my saturday morning checking in on the wadsgreen clan and i have to comment that i CAN’T BELIEVE W and 80 are almost a year. it is truly mind boggling. also, 80 looks like a chill teen in this photo so i would do some tests if i were you to make sure that she is, in fact, still a baby.

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