1. I’m guessing it takes a longer amount of time for her to eat than if she was eating the traditional pureed food by spoon. I wonder if a combination of baby-led weaning (on weekday evenings and all weekends) and pureed food (for workday mornings and lunches) would work for us (Cora).

  2. That sounds like a lovely combination. I’ve noticed that 80 has been able to do the spooned cereal thing just as well (if not better, because she can take more in her mouth) as before BLW.

    One time factor is that I eat lunch while she does. While she’s nomming at whatever, I’m eating either the same thing, or whatever I’d made for myself. Then I’ll eat whatever she doesn’t get to. I have things on a plate to the side, so she doesn’t squish the hell out of all of the food, just the stuff on her tray.

    We’re also only eating one meal right now, so it’s not going through the rigmarole of a meal (plus clean up and the inevitable onesie change) more than once a day. Yet.

  3. I just got the book and started reading. It’s making a lot of sense! I think we can get our daycare on board with this too.

    We’ve still got some time as she’s not sitting up on her own yet and isn’t 6 months. But I’m locking away your tips for a month or so!

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