What DO I want to be when I grow up?

Pondery pondersome.

My sister pointed out that my current goal to get my Masters of Library Science is all well and good,
but that I'll probably change my mind before my application is approved.

Does this mean I'm not grown up enough to make decisions about my future?! Alena pointed out that it may mean that I should find something better. She thinks that becoming an outdoor education granola would be more appropriate for me.

She's totally right. With all the imagination I have,
why have I not come up with the best most well-fitting set of goals?

It's like the time I went to Borders at midnight for the release of Harry Potter V. We (the children there) could make our own wands out of dowel rods and an assortment of feathers, pipe cleaners, foam stars and whatnot. I stared at it. I wanted to make a wand so bad I could feel it. I stood there, wondering what I should hot-glue onto my stick.

Feasibly, I have almost every opportunity at my fingertips. I could probably do whatever I want. Truly. The bee sting is that I don't even know all the wonderful things I could do. I could put together outdoors, kids, camping and education. How about travel, writing and photography? Knitting, self-employment and… uh, kittens?

Do I need to flounder around some more until I have the focus to choose? Do I jump into one of these plans and then discard it after six months? Do I curl into the fetal position and drink some chocolate milk?