Early morning 80

Early morning 80, originally uploaded by sundaykofax.

Here’s a gift for all you early risers. We’re sitting on the couch,
listening to the first birds chirping. This is the first time 80’s
heard morning bird noises.

It’s 6 am. It rained all night, which helped soothe everyone’s nerves
when thing were rough last night.

We’re using a middle-of-the-bed cosleeper, which we’re all going to
have to get used to. Tim and Lisa lent it to us (thank goodness,
because we hadn’t made any other sleeping arrangements before she
came), and I think it’ll be just the thing.

We finally got the hang of swaddling that lasts more than 15 minutes,
after an incident involving 80 kicking her legs free, only to then
realize that she’d then end up with cold feet. Heh, babies. Dumb.

I will also admit that I didn’t do a thorough enough job burping last
night, which led to A Situation (from here on out, caps mean there was
unconsolable crying, and bewilderment). She spit up and belched out
what had been ailing her, then fell asleep.

  1. Beautiful picture.
    Beautiful description of a new day with a new baby!!

    Burps are good. remember, burps are good.
    Remind yourself of that fact when they are older & find them outrageously funny & giggly…. repeatedly

  2. Congratulations you two! Octavia is beautiful!!! What a wonderful, adorable baby! I hope you’re enjoying parenthood and my wish for you is: May you sleep for several uninterrupted hours and love every minute that you’re not! ~Hannah

  3. Yay for cosleeping!!! You’ll sleep much better that way (and so will she!). She is such a cutie, I love her round face! How is the nursing going?

  4. Steve and I love the miracle blanket for swaddling. Double swaddling also helps to prevent break-outs.

  5. I love her already. I’m in England this week working – and going to Lille, France Friday. I will look to get her her very own copy of Le Petite Prince – en français, bien sûr. 😉

    PS: World-warming gift whizzing its way to you via Amazon now.

  6. I love the frowny-concerned face that new babies make when they’re sleeping. Such big thoughts they must be having!

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