Pregnant, or shoplifting?

Pregnant, or shoplifting?, originally uploaded by sundaykofax.

The sun in shining, flowers are in bloom, and I’m patiently waiting out the last few weeks of pregnancy. I feel awesome, actually. I don’t have a lot of the normal symptoms (heartburn, kicks to my ribs, stretch marks) — YET. We’ll see what the next 3+ weeks bring.

Jason and I finally got around the the birth ritual of going to Ikea to pick out tiny furniture. We’re sticking to minimal gear, getting what we know we’ll need, and waiting till after we have the baby to get what else we might need. Thanks to awesome friends (AbbyBN, StephMcN, TaraWP, Kelly and my sister) I have pretty much every piece of clothing the Soybean will need for the next year.

I’ve not been particularly hormonal, so the influx of tiny socks kick-started my nesting instinct. Now I’m baking muffins (to put in the freezer) and organizing.

  1. Indeed. I hear that’s frowned against.

    Plus, why would I shoplift a baby? I’m much more of a DIYer.

  2. I hope Allison is a friend, not a random perv! (I originally typed “…friend, not a perv,” but then I realized the two terms weren’t mutually exclusive.)

    Also, you are the hottest mother of all time.

  3. Al is in the best-friend echelon, lucky for me. She’s also a neighbor of yours, in a vague same-city way.

  4. you are so welcome! and it is true, you look awesomely belly-licious! Cherish it, even if it comes with stretch marks and rib kicks. It’s such a fleeting transition, hell, I can barely remember what it was like being pregnant!

  5. You are a super cute pregnant lady!!!! You look super happy, too! Yay, your time is coming!

  6. Wow, looking at this amazing belly makes me think that maybe girls really do carry higher than boys. I have seen this in every friend I know who has had a girl.

    It’s hard to imagine that you are going to get bigger, but you will. I didn’t start to get really uncomfortable until about 48 hours before I went into labor, so I hope the same is true for you, and that your baby doesn’t want to hang out in there for 42 + weeks!

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