Babies are easy, let’s make a website

One of the things I love the most about my partner/sig.oth./hubs/spousal unit is that we’re kind of like Transformers. On our own, we’re pretty great, in our own ways. Together, thought, we make something much more kick-ass and powerful.


Last night, I offhandedly made a comment about a frustration I’m having with a particular aspect of a website I’m using. Jason kidded that he could make a better version. I kidded back a really great domain name.

I saw his eyes literally light up. “That’s great!” he said. And it was on.

We had made plans to finally have dinner at Scups, so he grabbed a small notebook and we started plotting a new website to build.

We spent the whole dinner talking over each other and writing down notes. What’s the workflow for building this? Is that a feature you need right away, or could that be part of the second round of work we do? I don’t think people would bother with that thing. How do we keep spammers out?

(I’m spoiling all of this by not telling you any details. Sorry!)

By the time our food came, we had a really solid plan for a site that could build in a matter of weeks, and this time (as opposed to previous ideas we’ve had), it had a tiny bit of a revenue generator built in. (It would nice if we could recoup that server expenses.)

When we got home, I started in on a UI design for each of the types of pages (index page, sign-up page,etc.), and Jason set up the domain and … did a bunch of stuff I’m actually not familiar with, but has to do with the back-end of how the site would function.

See? That’s why we’re so awesome together. I bet other couples have their own version of this, in the medium they’re versed in: Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera painting, our friends Jill and Adam building houses, The White Stripes*.

If only our daughter could be all the best parts of us working together. I’d comment out the need for glasses, and change the CSS so she’d have a fighting chance at not being of medium height only.

*Technically, they’re ex-spouses.

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