SOCK WARS (not Sock Trek)

Doreen (an esteemed co-worker, as opposed to Rob, a steamed co-worker) introduced me to an article in the Wall Street Journal that applies knitting to the non-dead-making game Assasin.

Basically, you sign up for it, you receive your target (with their relevant information like shoe size and address), then you knit as fast as humanly possible to finish a pair of socks for them and mail them to them before you get a pair in the mail. ‘Cause then you’re dead.

This flies in the face of my recent self-call-out to start less projects, although I really enjoyed doing the Knitting Olympics.

I’ll remind you:
knitting olympics

  1. I love this! I have some knitting-fiend friends who would be all over the idea.

    Enjoyed going through your blog.


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