Things that make me happy

There’s a specific feeling I get when I witness something super cute or amazing or cutemazing. The newest phenomenon to sweep my heart is a contestant from So You Think You Can Dance, a Fox-laden reality show about dancing.

The video provides the intro information, so there’s not a lot to say except that my heart expands when I watch this guy in his cute orange shirt clogging to Missy Elliott. I mean really. You can’t just do that to people. He starts off all skinny-white-guy-doing-hip-hop and then busts into this kick-ass clogging, with his arms pumping and his elbows all out. Oh man.

Is it just me? I burst into peals of laughter when he makes the first transition from hip-hop into clogging.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Ha! This is great! Me mum tivo’s the show and shared a clip from an older show the last time we were home. The Best Robot Evar!

    This low res vid gives you a pretty good idea:

    This guy gives me that feeling thingy you were talkin’ bout. Enjoy!

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