The Best of Bread

OMG. Jason and I just made our first loaf of bread with the new ingenious recipe. It is the most delicious loaf of bread I’ve ever eaten. I’m so glad we purchased a dutch oven. The $15 is totally worth it for this loaf of bread. Hm. Moving it may not be as fun (it is as heavy as John Edwards) but since it takes minimal effort (just well scheduled attendance) we could be eating fresh, homemade bread every day.


  1. I love your blog because, while taking a break from 11 p.m. Trinity Web site updates to check in on your site, I find things like you peeking adorably over a loaf of homemade bread. It is just such things that make me pilver you.

  2. so what, besides a dutch oven, is required to make this bread… did you work from some sort of list of of components and sequentially arranged steps? Or. was it more of a ‘handful of flour’, ‘handful of water’ and ‘just a pinch of love (read:yeast)’?

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