Dead Kevin is no fun.

After finally getting the story about how we all managed not to hear about Kevin’s accident, and learning that I wasn’t the only one out of the loop, I still feel weird about not knowing that he was long gone.

Leave it to Kevin to be a pain in the ass. I swear. It’s one thing to be whiny and fat, quite another to up and die on us. Now what am I going to do with that burned copy of The Weakerthan’s Reconstruction Site that has “I hate you! [heart]” sharpied on it? I kept forgetting to mail it, and now Kevin will never hear the sweet sweet sounds of this album. Don’t wait to mail stuff! It will only end in tragedy!

I hate Kevin

The perpetual gag was that we all hated each other, illustrated in this photo taken at our AmeriCorps*NCCC graduation. I was also standing on a lower step so he didn’t feel so short. There was nothing I could do about the fat, squinty, or baldness.

Fuck off, Dead Kevin. I hate you, and miss you like hell.

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