Pass the dutchie [from] the left hand side

Jason and I bought a dutch oven. That may not seem very exciting, BUT IT IS.

First off, the whole dutch-oven requirement came from a conversation with Sasha about this recipe he tried, which is a revolutionary way of making delicious crusty bread. Instead of the usual 3-hour breadathon, complete with kneading, you mix the ingredients together, then let them sit for 18 hours. Letting it sit that long lets the glutens attach nicely (which gives you airy bread) and you don’t have to knead it. Secondly, fancy-schmancy bakers have steam-injection ovens, which adds steam to the oven so the bread gets crispy on top. This is where the dutch oven comes in. The dough is extra wet, and you bake it inside the dutch oven. With the lid on, you effectively create a steam oven.

We’ve found that the dutch oven is heavy, metal, and the lid has pointy bits. We recommend not putting it on your head.
IMG_8781.JPG dutchead.JPG

P.S. I’m off to more interviews, so if the posting is erratic, it’s because this is the Week of Interviews. Three interviews in four days – and only one of them is via phone. Good thing I have a knockout suit now.

  1. pass the dutchie FROM the left hand side. i’ll counter clock your block!!

    and do you remember what the movie Pecker taught us about the term “dutch oven”?

  2. I DO remember what a ‘dutch oven’ is. It was hard to not include a reference in the post. I like how matter-of-fact Ed Furlong is in explaining it.

  3. I too hope to enjoy the wonderfulness of the Dutch oven. I purchased a knock-off cheap one at IKEA today, so we’ll see how that works out. I can hardly wait to make some bread!

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