1. We Sonyas must stick together; there are so few of us. I love the snowball’s chance in hell pattern. Perfect for the Winter Knitting Olympics. I’m working on the master knitter thing also (level 1). I guess I should say I work on it occassionally. Good luck in the ‘Lympics!

  2. Here’s a fun story for you: today at the Y, I saw a girl with a shirt that said “ask me about my access points.” Instead of asking her about her access points, I asked her if she knew you. Sadly, no, but apparently you two have a joint friend (Katherine?). She works at some library. Go figure.
    Hope you and Jasonian are doing well.

  3. See, that’s what I was hoping. I thought to myself, I thought “I don’t think I would wear this, but I really want to make it. Hm, who would wear it? Oh, right. E-tech.”

    You like the colors? We could do them in a different set if you wanted ….

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