Kevin Brunelle is dead.

I’ve just had the weirdest hour. My friend Kevin is dead. I found this out via a third-wave forward through the AmeriCorps crew.

Not only that, but he died in JUNE.

WTF? This explains why I couldn’t get ahold of him to dish about Noah. Huh.

I’m wrecked, but I can’t talk to my shared friends about it, because
1. It’s been three months. Obviously the communication lines are down.
2. Noah and Dan are closest friends I had, and they either don’t know about it, or don’t have my contact info (ahem, ex boyfriend, ahem), because I heard about it THREE MONTHS LATE.
3. AmeriCorps is like the Army in that I have these buddies spread across the world, and I don’t talk to them that often, so I can’t just get a hug.

I need to find a picture of Kevin, and do this up right, so you know who I’m talking about.

Thank you, Disc Golf Atlanta. I can’t believe how cheesy this picture is. Squinty was way more rad than that.

  1. Kevin was my brother in law-this was a picture taken of him at my wedding. We had no way to reach AmeriCorps people-the only one we actually knew was Leigh Ann, and you can imagine that not many family members were trying to reach out to LeighAnn right away, since she wrecked him as bad as can be. Kevin was in Georgia, we were all in CT, and all of his contact info was in Georgia, and there was no way to find anyone’s information. We went down there to gather his belongings two days prior to going to a court hearing for the bastard that killed him, and addresses were not in the front of our minds, sorry. Please do not think we were not trying to let AmeriCorps know-in fact someone in the family emailed a general AmeriCorps address, and we never got a response back. Check out this website for better pictures of the Kev we knew and continue to love:

    I wish there had been an easier way to let AmeriCorps know-we tried, and that communication somehow stopped at that general email address. I am glad that you got to know him-he was fucking amazing.

  2. Four years ago, today. Almost to the hour. Kevin was such a good guy, right to his soul. I love you and miss you, Woody!

  3. Hi all. I met Kevin 15 years ago in Ocean City, NJ. Today, I was rummaging through some old letters from over the years and found one with his number in it. I called and just now five years too late heard the horrible news.

    I’d like to send my condolences to his family and close friends. Especially to the person I just spoke to on the phone. I’m so very sorry to hear of your loss. He was an amazing person. A creative extraordinaire to say the least. My heart breaks for him.

    The craziest part is I know he is up above watching and guiding us all. Kevin, if you can hear me…I will always love you!

    See you soon on a clear night filled with stars and moon…

  4. Hey there, it’s Fooko. I had been friends with Kevin since high school, then through college and beyond. I miss and think of him everyday. I am planning on heading to Mt. Monadnock in the next couple weeks for a hike and memorial of Kevin. Not sure who will even ever read this, or really how I came across this blog but I did. Anyways, I would love to get in touch with some of Kevin’s friends from Georgia and AmeriCorp and beyond. Feel free to email me at

  5. 5 years to the day….crazy how time slips away. I miss you so much kev. I guess it just wont get any easier will it. Sick thunderstorms today with tornado warnings in Milford, CT (kevs home). I’m sure you had something to do with that…you loved the rain. I know you are with us always and find much strength in that. Please take care of my girls (and the rest of the family) always…I only wish you could have met them. You would have made the best uncle. I will see you in another life brother. Until then….

    And in the end
    we have learned to love the journey
    and not the destination

    With love…Kevs big brother Ryan

    Thanks for the kind words Kristin…he was one of a kind and will never be forgotten.

    Fooko…you big tool…dont be a stranger!!

  6. I find myself at Kevin’s grave site each time I venture back up to CT. I close my eyes and hear him laugh and I can’t help but smile through my tears. Kevin, I know you are there…i just want to say that you are loved and missed by myself and so many others. I stumbled upon this blog tonight as I was thinking about you…Your smile…how it would light up a room…I will forget you never and my memories i hold dear. You are/were an amazing person and friend. You are loved…

  7. A message to Kevin:

    All I can say is I miss you so damn much. I can’t believe so much time has passed. I keep the card you wrote me after the Colorado trip on my wall, and I read it everyday. You wrote “…it’s been so long since we’ve all just laughed together”. It sure has.

    I will always keep you in my pocket Kev. If you see momma U in heaven, hug he for me- so that you always get a hug in return.

    Love you always,


    ..Not sure how I stumbled upon this site, but I’m sure in the same way that all of you had, just thinking about Kevin. Sending you all blessings. x

  8. Each year, the month of June seems to be a difficult one to get through. I can’t believe that it has been so long ago that I got to become Kev’s friend in college. He was one of the only friends I held onto long after Keene State, and we all know he meant So much to so many people. I think of him often still and hope everyone is doing a little better as time moves on…We miss ya Kev..

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