Lifetime goals

Back in 2001, I put together a list of things I wanted to do during my life. I recently remembered this list, and realized that I’m actually working on not one, but TWO of the list items. For a list of huge things, I think this is pretty awesome.


(1) I think the midwifery might take some training, unless there was one of those pregnant-woman-and-I-stuck-in-an-elevator incidences. I’m not holding my breath on this one – I just think it would be cool.

(2) My aunt Lora was a trucker, briefly, and I think it would be a really neat experience becoming very very familiar with the cities and roadways of an area. Plus there’s all that CB action.

(3) I’m fascinated with sign language. It’s not that I don’t want to talk – I just want to augment my speaking with even more information jabbering out of my hands at the same time. The more I can express, the happier I am.

(4) I keep missing the deadline for Teach for America. I still want to do it – I like the idea of a challenge like that – but I can’t complain about the library-track I’m on.

(5) Speaking of, why I AM working on becoming a children’s librarian. In fact, I’ll be starting that whole process come August.

(6) I still think I can cram a year of massage therapy courses into my life. I give gooooood back rubs, and I have a feeling I could be really good at massage therapy. Somehow, despite my other biology abilities, I did manage to learn most of the muscle names, and where they are. Of all of these goals, I think this might be one that comes to fruition.

(7) I’m talking about Minnesota to the delta. Jason was like “I’ll canoe the Mississippi”, so maybe that could be the “yea, I finished grad school”, or “yea, it’s summer and I’m not going to take classes” plan. I suppose it depends on what my friend Em is doing then. She’s my canoe inspiration. I think my brother would want to go too. There might have to be several canoes.

(8) I’ve just finished all the parts of level 1 for the Master Knitter program, so I’m on my way.

(9) This one I can’t explain. When I was little, I was fascinated with Vermont and Maine. I had maps up in my bedroom. I’ve always wanted to live there, despite knowing little about either state.

(10) I realize that sign language is a language. What I meant was “some other language, besides the above mentioned sign language”. I’m torn between Spanish, which would be horribly convenient; German, which I know a little but will serve very little purpose unless I’m actually in Germany or Argentina; or some random language like Esperanto, because it’s cool to learn an entirely new language.

So there you go.

  1. Have you visited Vermont or Maine? I spent a week and a half in Maine during a summer in high school with some family I have in Conneticut. It is so, so beautiful. Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park is the first part of the United States hit by the sun rising on the East coast. We woke up at the crack of dawn, drove up the mountain, and witnessed it in all its glory. For a brief couple of weeks, I badly wanted to apply to every college in Maine. Then I realized I wouldn’t be there for the lovely summer, but instead for their cold as hell winters. Ah well. I’d still like to visit again.

  2. P.S. Connecticut is a weird word if you stare at it too long and is definitely one of those state names I misspell all the time.

  3. you know, if you’d learned esperanto, you could’ve watched INCUBUS without the subtitles!

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