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Goods, services, or small amounts of cash

Update! The camera has found a home. A young, talented artist is going to take the camera. What do I get? Apparently, she’s painting fat ladies right now. Awesome.

Jason and I are going through our box labeled “To Ebay”, and I came across my old, new camera. After toting a 1970’s Minolta (weighing in at 7 lbs) for a few years, I upgraded to a shiny auto-zoom, adjust-the-eyepiece-to-your-prescription, autofocuses-when-you-lift-it-to-your-eye, 28-200 lens camerabot.

Goods, services, or small amounts of cash

That was in 2002. I learned that I was a photography Luddite, and reverted to my old Minolta. This camera is fancypants, and gives a wide range of focal lengths all in one lens. (It also is a huge lens.)

Anyway, it’s not worth *that* much on Ebay, so I thought I’d see if there was anyone in my personal blogosphere who would be interested in it. I’d much rather it go to a good home.

If anyone is looking at it and seeing potential, let me know, and we can barter. I’m willing to give it up for brownies, yarn, a good back massage, or just about anything else.

Goods, services, or small amounts of cash
Click on the photo to go to Flickr and see my notes on the kit.