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Hey, thanks, internet!

In the past 24 hours, I’ve discovered three new examples of other sites using my Flickr photos:
What Are the Causes of Excessive Chronic Flatulence?
: That’s actually a post-Thanksgiving meal, not IBS.
Difference Between Instant Yeast & Active Dry Yeast: that’s my photo of loaves of bread and granola I had made.
And yesterday’s TSA To Save Print Media? No Electronics On International Flights? What A Joke.

Crohn’s Disease vs. Gastric Tuberculosis
Zombie Authors Threaten Fiction Ebook Market, from the Grave!
Idealist.org: Know the rules: Nonprofits in an election year

Flickr set of Obama on election night

There’s a big set of photos taken by David Katz from the evening of November 4. They’re documentary-style images of Barak, his family, and those who came to watch the election results.

I started looking at the set, and although one of my favorites shows Barak with his feet up on the table, with perfectly-worn in soles, the one that caught my heart was this one:
Barak Obama and mama

Barak and his mom mother in law. Now I’m all teary.


I hadn’t downloaded the photos from my camera since July. If you’re interested, you can catch up on all the Wadsgreen shenanigans at my Flickr. Here are the things that have happened (pictorially):

STEVE HOLT! and a cupcake

* Stella’s birthday party, with booze and cupcakes, then trespassing on an abandoned dock in Eastie for a view of the skyline
* A surprise vacation for Jason to Ann Arbor to see some of his favorite people
* Gratuitous cat photos
* Chillaxing with Steph and Ollie, including an amazing fritatta and a bonus trip to the dog beach
Watching the DNC speeches with the friends with whom I watched the ’04 debates
* Driving from Chicago directly into a plate full of steak and corn, fresh off the grill
* Going to my 11-year high school reunion, which had a 30% attendance rate
* Bonding with long-lost high school friends over the Twilight trilogy
* Learning about this fun game that includes $10 worth of equipment from Lowes and some frisbees. I rank it higher than corn hole.

Brooke and Gwen play the cup-stick-frisbee game.