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Monday, February 4th, 2008

I don’t seem to be a very good voter. There was the great debacle of 2004, and now again I have found out that by moving too much and not keeping track of the whatsits and whosits, I can’t vote tomorrow.

This weekend I moved. I live in the same state I did before I moved. I just didn’t let the election people know. I can drive back to my old city and vote there (and 4 hours in the car), or just throw my hands up, again.

On the upside, this is just the primary. I shall have my docudrama in order for the biggie.

Face in your face

Friday, January 11th, 2008

I just finished catching up with one of my favorite blogs, The Sneeze. I got to read the saga of The Face (read it here). Basically, Steve’s dad always drew this face on cards, birthday cakes, etc.
The Face

Steve interviewed his father about it, and after blogging about it, found out where it originally came from. It’s a hilarious story (my favorite part, the part where I laughed silently to myself at my desk in the library, speculates on the other objects drawn on one of the cakes his father decorated), and in the end, I found myself wishing I had a signature little sketch that I could use – not as a personal symbol necessarily, but just the thing I could always draw. This feeling is somewhat related to how I feel about this symbol:
Crying of Lot 49

It’s shrouded in mystery, it’s something that could be uncovered with a little effort, and for some reason, I feel I need to come up with something similar. I’ve been using sheep in a box for my letterboxing monikor:
sheep in a box

but I think I’d like something less abstract. Nothing says ‘cheers, friend!’ like a funny face. Or a robot bunny.

Any suggestions?

Pare it down, girl.

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

I’ve been thinking lately about how wide and varied my interests are. I seem to have the personality where I get deeply interested in something, learn just enough about it to get it, then get distracted with something new … and repeat.

I have a few new up-and-coming interests that are of a professional nature. I’m going to be writing an article about youth librarianship, social web things, with my esteemed colleague Erin. I’ve been accepted as a reviewer of zines for Library Journal. These are both interesting to me, and all publishy.

Realizing that I could have professional success (or at least librarical infamy) if I keep this kind of thing up, I realized that I may just need to pare down some of my interests. I have simply too many things I want to do. I feel a list coming on…

Ongoing and Upcoming Projects:
Fix that accordion I bought, and learn to play it
Bind and cover books – with all the paper, board, and tools I’ve been hording
Master Knitter Level II
Knitting in general – and all the yarn, needles, and accoutrement
Letterboxing kits – carve stamps, write clues, hide boxes
Sewing wallets – sewing machine, giant tub full of fabric
Silkscreening – hoops and screen and paints and shirts
Painting – paints, brushes, and canvases
Develop last of the rolls of film I have – photo processing containers and chemicals
Wedding photography – take that camera I bought and shoot some people at their wedding (ha)
Making hollow books – random books I don’t want to read, but do want to hack apart
Learn more American Sign Language – I know about 100 words and can throw together a sentence
The 24 Hour Zine Thing – website, distro
Finish Outside Cat, the zine
Write a gyne zine
Work on DIY Reporter zine (bet you didn’t know that one even existed)
Play Pokemon Pearl on Shane’s DS
Practice the trombone
Work at a bike shop – sadly, I stopped, but I’m still accruing tools
Work as a children’s performer – I don’t know if I’ll have an opportunity to do this again, like I did with Toe Jam
Tell stories – I could get so wrapped up in the storytelling guild …
Work on Openknitting (bet you didn’t know that existed either)
Research for upcoming LJ zine column on medical zines
Start research with Erin for upcoming Library Review issue
Read books – like knitting, I don’t think I have a choice

Most of these projects require some sort of crafty supplies, and I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but Jason, Stella, and I live in a very small apartment. A lot of my crap is out and about, since looking at it inspires me to make something. (Or, like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, it bounces me from idea to idea.) I think the tools and supplies of my interests are suffocating us.

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to pack up a lot of the crap. I’m going to focus on just a few interests, and let the rest be for a while. I get jealous of Jason, because a lot of his ongoing projects are computer-based, and therefore take up a lot less room (even if they incite the same amount of panic and overwhelming feelings I have).

I’m declaring my cleared head!
I would like to keep knitting, but stick to one project at a time, with no starting random socks just because I have nothing else planned. Much like Goodreads has focused my reading to books I actually am interested in, Ravelry should do the same for knitting projects. Lastly, I think I’d like to finish the zine of Outside Cat. It would be something you would subscribe to, and I’d mail it to you. I’ll post about that later.

I don’t know about you, but I feel better. I’m hoping that my intense list-making skills and cut-and-run tactics have left you breathless with wonderment, and willing to make changes to your own lives (as opposed to feeling overwhelmed and ADHD, as I fear you might).

I’m totally Lupin.

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

I emailed the junior high Harry Potter club leader (also the junior high’s security officer) to let him know I was leaving the library, and to expect to be contacted by my replacement about upcoming Potter activities.

His words I will quote: The library job seems to be like the Defense Against the Dark Arts job!!! Nobody stays!!!

How true, Macy. How true.

(In case you’re trying to remember all the DATDA teacher’s names, I’ve already done the research: Quirrel, Lockhart, Lupin, Moody, Umbridge, Snape, then Carrows (if you count a straight up Dark Arts teacher).

What’s the tackiest way to announce something, part II

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

I wouldn’t consider my news to be on par with getting hitched, but I have some news, and realized that this is the easiest way to disseminate it.

Jason and I are leaving New Bedford and the Millicent Library, and moving up to Boston, where Jason just started a new job. He’s commuting up there for now (two hours each way! on a bus! with nor’easters!) but we’ll move at the end of January. (I’ll be sending out the nearly-as-awkward email with our new address once we hunt down an apartment in Bostonland.)

Jason’s been working on his own for the past two years, and it was time to re-enter the jobby-job world. There’s not a lot in the way of programmer action down here, and there’s a veritable hotbed of zeros and ones flowing through Boston, so it was a pretty easy choice. We get to keep our local friends and drivers licenses, and add the benefit of a major city, major airport, more jobs, trains, bikes, and ducks.

The major downside is leaving the library. It didn’t occur to me that a hazard of working with children is having to tell them that you’re abandoning them for a different library with different children. I’m not exactly sure how to do it, really. My heart sinks whenever I think about it. I’m hoping that when my replacement is hired, we can have a party with the two of us, like a “hello goodbye” celebration.

1772 Map of Boston
(click to enjoy)
1772 map of Boston

Letterboxing in the News

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

My friend Laura and I were featured in the Standard Times for our letterboxing adventures. They sent a couple of photogs out with us while we went on a hunt, and the article showed up in Sunday’s paper.

(In the article, you have to click on ‘Photo 1 of 8’, which displays lots of photos of us.)

This weekend Laura and I (and the men we are legally bound with) went out to the cape for LOTS of sushi (there was a mistake with the order, so they brought more) and a big letterboxing event where we found 13 boxes using only blacklights and our wits.

This weekend I also worked on the second level of the Master Knitter program, made a photo display clippy-thing (pics to come), and went on a fabulous crispy fall walk with friends and dogs.

I’m feeling very energetic, and I hope that the combination of cool weather and hot chocolate is a mighty team that will keep me sane through the winter.

Power Animals

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Just today, just now, it occurred to me that my power animal is the owl.

My Power Animal: the OWL

I know it’s not REAL original for someone who’s into information, but my eye sockets are huge, and I wish I could fly. SB’s power animal is the panda, Sid’s power animal is a carrot, and Jason’s power animal is … the human. It was only a matter of time until mine became apparent.

I was thinking my power animal was the sheep, but I think that’s my power resource. Lambchops and a sweater, coming up!

sheep in a box

Modified bodies

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

You may or not know this, but I’m a Pez collector.

This site is via BoingBoing, via my mom. (You know you are one-upped when your mom emails you cool sites she finds on BoingBoing.)

Punk Pez
Sweet World is a site with a bunch of Pez modifications. Some of them are very clever and awesome, some of them you might not notice much of a difference… unless you’re a Pezhead.

Still high

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

I’m still glowing over yesterday’s storytime. I’ve vowed to buy a personal copy of The Lorax, so I can have it at the ready.

As I was biking to work this morning, I was remembering how awesome it was to throw together an opportunity, a solid story, and a really important lesson and make librarical magic. I was thinking about how great it would be if I could perform stories like this at a moment’s notice, maybe with a few finger puppets I keep in my bag, or a series of tattoos.

Then I remembered Richard’s idea of StoryMob. During our storytelling class in grad school, we had just finished a round of really stellar stories (and we were kind of high, like the children’s high I’m still on) and Richard had the idea of going out to the quad (open area at the University of Illinois) and running up to a group of lounging undergrads and telling them a story or two. The idea morphed into a guerrilla story performance crew.

I think at that point we went out for beers, and the idea was made into a Facebook group. It lingers there, and I know the UIllinois crew is working on it, but I’m wondering what I can do from here. Perhaps we need a site where we can submit stories, be they written, audio, or video. I’d totally record video of me accosting a group of children and making them happy. Maybe old people too.

One last wedding event

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

This weekend was the last in a long string of events that PROVE that Jason and I are married. We certainly are now, after a long weekend on the farm, complete with a Green wedding reception (one that includes the community center and an announcement in the paper in lieu of sending invitations).

I’ve learned that going to my own wedding reception is hard, because I know everyone there, and they’re all there because of me, and I can’t spend enough time with any of them. Awwwwkward. Oh well. There was cheesecake, so that makes up for it. A little.

On the upside, it was fun to see lots of relatives and friends, and to hang out on the farm, and eat HyVee chinese and Hungry Hobo subs (comfort foods) and Exotic Thai (high-quality comfort food) and scratch John Edwards behind his ear. (He is a dog.)

Pictures to come.