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Big Brother and Holding Company

Tomorrow my brother and his sig.oth. arrive! I’m so excited to see them. I really like my brother, and I like Dena too, and they like cats, and vacations, so it’s going to be neat. I’m trying to plan something secret-awesome for them, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pull it off – it involves off-season hotels.

My neck, my back, one wrong turn and I felt a crack.

Try singing that to the Khia song “My Neck, My Back”. That’s how it sounds in my head, and that’s what’s keeping me from taking Jason’s expired Vicodin.

Jason and I went to Buffalo for his grandma’s 80th birthday, and ironically, I got my first old-person injury. You know the kind, the kind your parents complain of – making a slight movement, like in the garden or reaching for an eraser, and herniating a disc or misaligning whole portions of their spine.

I was simply attempting a Cirque du Soleil move with Jason in his parent’s basement during a game of pool. I jumped on his back, he bent forward, and I kicked my legs in the air behind me. As my back arched, I heard a crack-crack-crack.

I spent the rest of the weekend lying on the floor, listening to conversations. It was actually quite humbling. I’m a talker, so to be forced to remain out of sight was good for me. Still, I feel like I’ve been betrayed by my body for the first time, at age 28.

(I’m going to the chiro tomorrow, and should be fine – thanks for letting me talk like an old person too. This should be my dad’s blog, not mine. Hey pops, when are you setting up



This is my desk at work. Today it has flowers on it. My parents sent an awesome plantgift, with flowers (my mom would often buy flowers for my birthday, because the dead of winter is a good time to have fresh flowers in the house) and potted plants, so I’ll have something that lives.

The crocus is from Juanita, the assistant director.

I brought doughnuts to work today. I had a Boston cream, which is suitable. I had a FANTASTIC lunch, complete with chocolate cheesecake with cherries (ooh, alliterative). Jason picked me up after work, and brought me home to …


This is one of my comfort foods. It’s called Italian soup, and Jason got the recipe from my mom so he coud make it for me. We both ate way too much, and I took this picture AFTER we had eaten. The rest is in freezer bags. I have a feeling we’ll have more cold weather, and this will be perfect.

After dinner, we went to see The Queen. I highly enjoyed the movie. I have a tiny bit of Anglophile in me, and I took full appreciation for the perspectives of the royal family and of the prime minister.

I’m exhausted from being a birthday princess, so I will now go to bed.

Glucklich Geburtstag

In reality, I’m 28. It’s great. I’ll celebrate with my mate tonight at … six.

I got a birthday pigeon from Anarchy Ann:

I also got flowers from family and friends, cards, emails, e-card, and a tight-lipped beau who’s picking me up from work tonight. I’ll post more later after I finish my day of birth celebration.

Mom, Dad, feel free to post a comment with my birthday story. You know, how you almost named me Abigayle, and you saw Superman, and you thought Dad was driving over the rail road tracks too fast, but it turns out you were in labor, and there was a blizzard, and I was the first laboye? baby born at Dewitt Hospital and I was cute and fat. That stuff. Talk about that stuff.

Baby bear

I was really hoping that the Bears AND the Patriots would win today, making an all-Sonya Superbowl. Jason and I watched the Pats game at a LNB (local neighborhood bar). Alas, the Patriots did not make it, which makes me kind of glad we left the bar at half time. I haven’t perfected my mob attitude and flaming pitch fork, so I’m glad we finished the game out at home.

I’ve finished my first week at work. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I should be doing during my day, as well as figuring out what things I should be getting ahead on. Liiiiike, say, the summer reading program (SRP). I have to start scheduling things now, like performers and venues. It’s kind of cool that there are parts of the program that are so traditional and ingrained that I have no choice but to do them. This means that I have a half-scheduled SRP already! When my boss was the children’s librarian, she started the Teddy Bear Parade. Kids bring their bears and wheel them around in Radio Flyers, all to the tune of the Grateful Dead tune “Teddy Bear’s Picnic”. It’s a town tradition. I can’t wait to introduce Fairhaven to Oatmeal Butt.
Oatmeal Butt


This was like a bazillion years ago, but I haven’t blogged in so long, I kind of forget how it goes.

So here’s today’s thingie: Straight-A Student Pulled From Class Over Hair Color: School Forbids ‘Distracting’ Hairstyles (There’s a picture.)

She’s this totally cute, smartie girl who can’t have red highlights. I took this as a personal affont. What could possibly be next? Visual distraction is fun. That’s what I say. More fun than stupid boys in my class ripping farts every five minutes in Mr. Ketelsen’s eight grade english class.

Iiiiii mean, ahem, perhaps they should think about what’s distracting and what’s not. *Grumble* Just because it’s a natural function does not make you free to create the loudest possible farts. It was an epidemic during junior high. How did they do that even? I spent all my time learning how to make them silent. (Another superpower.)


My new favorite Pokemon

Q: How do fish get from one side of the pond to the other?

A: Carpal tunnel.

*I’m using the patented Invisi-Punchlineâ„¢ technology of The Sneeze.
*I’d like to dedicate this joke to Jake. You don’t hear ME complaining about grad school ailments.
This is Skitty. Skitty evolves into Declatty. FYI. More info and fighting stats here.

Jason feels that this image looks like a pile of body parts. I will refer you to a different picture to gauge the cuteness of Skitty. Skitty, whole

I need your opinion on this skirt.

Hi. We’ve known each other for long enough that I’m confident that you have a pretty good idea of what I’m like. That being said, I need your help. See, I was getting groceries … actually, I needed a hair dryer, so I went to Target, and I ALWAYS check their clearance rack … and I found this skirt. I wasn’t sure if it fit well, or if it looked good, but I decided to buy it anyway. I figured if I decided against it, I could always return it. (Right, Mom?)

So, this is a $14.99 skirt (originally $30). It’s black, and it has zippers. There’s a lining with tulle (featured in one of the pictures). So does the tulle make it poof out weird? Is it too goth for my perky self? Are zippers passé?





Tulle! If you click on any of these, you can see bigger versions, and several more shots. I know, I know, you really don’t want to spend more time helping me decide about a skirt, but I NEED YOU. The comment board is now open.

27 is the new 26.

Huppy birthday to ME. I had a grand old time this week. Jason came home from Finland, Lena came to visit from Iowa City, and there was a great many friends together last night to play games at Moonstruck.

Here are Shane’s pictures.

I was too tired to digitally capture the moment. I was not too tired to eat chocolate cake and open a big shiny box (filled with Pocky!)


I got a birthday haircut, and I’m parting it on the SIDE now. Make a note of it.