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Underwater BFFs

My new friend Trinity mentioned that he keeps cat-hair-levels down by using the Furminator.


I agree. Stella liked being groomed (she fell asleep), and all this undercoat fur came off. It’s kind of gross and kind of awesome.
In thanks for guiding me to my neat new job,
I decided the best way to show E my gratitude was to buy matching whale tail necklaces.

on Flickr”>Whale tails! Whale tails!

Pats, Drinks, Hummus, {Knitting}, Legos, Superchrist.


I watched a lot of football at The Catwalk. They have UNBELIEVABLE crab cakes with a ramekin of spicy aioli that I hid behind my drink when the waitress came to clear the appetizer plate so I could keep it to try on my entree. I ended up trying it on the croutons from my salad, but it’s really the crabcakes+aioli that makes magic.

Jason and I went for dinner, and got to witness the awesome polar-bear action of the Packers. Then friends Jasmine and Kelly came to watch the Patriots in full New England style. (We rolled in chowder and mispronounced our rrrrrs.) No, we got drunk and felt superior. Seriously – that pump fake?

Anyway, Jason left some time in the third quarter I think. We girls were doing a good job of having just enough drinks to complete our New England duty, when our waitress came over and said that a representative from Narragansett beer was buying pints for anyone who wanted them. Haaaaar. I went home and tried playing Big Brain Academy for kicks. As you can imagine, I did poorly, but it was hilarious to my drunk self.

The general events of my Sunday were unremarkably domestic until working out with Laura. We went to the gym, then walked all over New Bedford because it was so nice out. It quickly turned cloudy, windy, and cold. It was more invigorating than traumatic, and I felt better about all the crabcakes.

I made black bean hummus, which turned out surprisingly well, considering I didn’t have lemon or cayenne pepper. That was part of dinner (other parts of dinner? chips and salsa). Then Jason and I watched more football and I finally figured what was going on with my sweater.

{knitting diatribe} I am knitting a baby sweater for Steph, and since you pick up stitches for the sleeves, I can’t knit them at the same time, which would assure symmetry. I had finished the second sleeve, and could not figure out why it did not match the first sleeve. Same decreasing, same number of stitches started with and ended with … I kept remeasuring and counting until I was crosseyed. I should have recognized the symptoms, because in the end, it was that I had used the smaller needles reserved for the cuffs on the whole sleeve. There was an odd ridge where I picked up stitches, but I thought that was my sloppy work. Nope, it was my lack of attention. So now I’m back in business, and Oliver may have this sweater before he grows too big for it after all! {/knitting diatribe}

After the game, Jason and I decided to play some Lego Star Wars. I wanted to listen to an album at the same time, so I thought long and hard about what one would listen to while playing Lego Star Wars.

I'm Obi Wan.

Now, it could be something light and whimsical, like the Juno soundtrack, because of the kidlike, Lego quality to the game, but I went with something that would make me want to get just a teensy bit agro, and revel in all the limbs I was going to be disassembling. I went with Superchrist.


We’ve listened to it enough now that we can sing along, and since Lego Star Wars is fairly easy to play, we could concentrate on both at the same time. It was a fantastic evening. Thank you, Superchrist. You’re keeping my marriage strong, and my deaf cat alert.

Happy belated New Year

Happy Ocho, everyone. Don’t you just love 2008? It’s so … round-y.

New Years splash

Jason and I went to Holden Beach to hang out with friends and play a lot of whiffleball. (I got MVP.) At some point I decided it would be a good idea to get a bottle of champagne for the express purpose of dumping it on my own head. It’s semi-baptismal, it’s like christening a ship, and spizzy.

Since Jason was there, he got it too. (He MUST have seen it coming. I’d been talking about it for days.) It was so much bubbly as it was brisk. Next time, I won’t use chilled champagne.

I made the resolution to always carry a Sharpie with me, and Jason and I together agreed that we’d like to spend New Years 2009 knowing that we’d be living in the same place in the new year.

Most satisfying gifting yet

Actually, all the gifting I’ve done for “the holidays” has been pretty great, if I do say so myself.

I got Jason a soldering iron, so he can make me this. I got my sister a FutureBike (once she moves, I’ll buy her a bike). I sent gift certificates to my siblings for their birthdays (it says “I love you, but you get to choose”).

The best, though, is the gift we’re sending the niecefews (aside: is there a gender-neutral word for a sibling’s children?) is something I heard about during (library science) grad school – the One Laptop per Child nonprofit. They’ve figured out a way to make a sturdy (you can dunk it in water), useful (you can view it in sunlight), childfriendly (small keyboard/rabbit-y looking antenna) laptop for the smallest amount of money possible, so they can be distributed to children who otherwise will never get to become computer literate.

one laptop per child

Right now (I’m not sure for how long), they’re offering to let you buy one of these laptops, if you donate one. For $400, we’re bringing the joy of futureworld to two families, one of which we know and love.

Pare it down, girl.

I’ve been thinking lately about how wide and varied my interests are. I seem to have the personality where I get deeply interested in something, learn just enough about it to get it, then get distracted with something new … and repeat.

I have a few new up-and-coming interests that are of a professional nature. I’m going to be writing an article about youth librarianship, social web things, with my esteemed colleague Erin. I’ve been accepted as a reviewer of zines for Library Journal. These are both interesting to me, and all publishy.

Realizing that I could have professional success (or at least librarical infamy) if I keep this kind of thing up, I realized that I may just need to pare down some of my interests. I have simply too many things I want to do. I feel a list coming on…

Ongoing and Upcoming Projects:
Fix that accordion I bought, and learn to play it
Bind and cover books – with all the paper, board, and tools I’ve been hording
Master Knitter Level II
Knitting in general – and all the yarn, needles, and accoutrement
Letterboxing kits – carve stamps, write clues, hide boxes
Sewing wallets – sewing machine, giant tub full of fabric
Silkscreening – hoops and screen and paints and shirts
Painting – paints, brushes, and canvases
Develop last of the rolls of film I have – photo processing containers and chemicals
Wedding photography – take that camera I bought and shoot some people at their wedding (ha)
Making hollow books – random books I don’t want to read, but do want to hack apart
Learn more American Sign Language – I know about 100 words and can throw together a sentence
The 24 Hour Zine Thing – website, distro
Finish Outside Cat, the zine
Write a gyne zine
Work on DIY Reporter zine (bet you didn’t know that one even existed)
Play Pokemon Pearl on Shane’s DS
Practice the trombone
Work at a bike shop – sadly, I stopped, but I’m still accruing tools
Work as a children’s performer – I don’t know if I’ll have an opportunity to do this again, like I did with Toe Jam
Tell stories – I could get so wrapped up in the storytelling guild …
Work on Openknitting (bet you didn’t know that existed either)
Research for upcoming LJ zine column on medical zines
Start research with Erin for upcoming Library Review issue
Read books – like knitting, I don’t think I have a choice

Most of these projects require some sort of crafty supplies, and I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but Jason, Stella, and I live in a very small apartment. A lot of my crap is out and about, since looking at it inspires me to make something. (Or, like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, it bounces me from idea to idea.) I think the tools and supplies of my interests are suffocating us.

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to pack up a lot of the crap. I’m going to focus on just a few interests, and let the rest be for a while. I get jealous of Jason, because a lot of his ongoing projects are computer-based, and therefore take up a lot less room (even if they incite the same amount of panic and overwhelming feelings I have).

I’m declaring my cleared head!
I would like to keep knitting, but stick to one project at a time, with no starting random socks just because I have nothing else planned. Much like Goodreads has focused my reading to books I actually am interested in, Ravelry should do the same for knitting projects. Lastly, I think I’d like to finish the zine of Outside Cat. It would be something you would subscribe to, and I’d mail it to you. I’ll post about that later.

I don’t know about you, but I feel better. I’m hoping that my intense list-making skills and cut-and-run tactics have left you breathless with wonderment, and willing to make changes to your own lives (as opposed to feeling overwhelmed and ADHD, as I fear you might).

Whaley the Whale Pal

I’ve been mulling over the idea of storebought.

This is my first Christmas working as a librarian in a public library. I’m learning that part of being the public library here is getting Christmas presents from patrons. We have about 10 boxes and tins of treats in the back, that we’ve slowly been working our way through since Thanksgiving. The first Whitman’s sampler was gone in a few hours. After that, as the boxes and tins started rolling in, I began to realize that I needed to be very careful. If I didn’t pay attention, I’d ingest a few thousand extra calories each day.

As I looked over our selection, I realized that what I wanted to spend my caloric pennies on was homemade snacks. Food with no preservatives, with taste in mind rather than presentation.

I read all the Laura Ingalls Wilder series, which took place in midwest frontier America. During Laura’s life, there were several scenes of experiencing the difference between homemade and storebought. In this context, ‘storebought’ meant hard candy, calico print fabric, and other items simply unattainable from the prairie, but magically available through Sears and Roebuck. I could imagine how nice it would be to give up wearing wool underwear for some nice, soft cotton.

At what point did homemade become the new storebought?

Here is Adam,
obviously enamored with the most awesome baglet ever. This came,
along with various tiny delicious cookies, from my good friend E.

Wooo wooo wooo (says the whale).

Modified bodies

You may or not know this, but I’m a Pez collector.

This site is via BoingBoing, via my mom. (You know you are one-upped when your mom emails you cool sites she finds on BoingBoing.)

Punk Pez
Sweet World is a site with a bunch of Pez modifications. Some of them are very clever and awesome, some of them you might not notice much of a difference… unless you’re a Pezhead.

Best idea ever.

I really want to use the song “The Salmon Dance” from the newest Chemical Brothers album … for storytime.

Put your hands to the side, as silly as it seems,
And shake your body like a salmon floatin’ up stream!

All my peeps spend part of their life in fresh water
And part of their life in salt water.

I mean, how great is that? I guess the part about spawning and dying isn’t real appropriate. Neither is
When I first did the Salmon all the people just laughed
They looked around and stood like I was on crack
I heard somebody say out loud what the fuck is that
This nigga’s dancin like a fish while he’s doin’ the snap

And that’s why I write the impulsive things I think on my blog, instead of trying them out on unsuspecting kids and parents.