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Much like Nerve’s “I Did It for Science”, I too routinely do things that are experimental. Difference is – I’m not getting paid.

Vision, or flashbacks?

Right now, just now, I realized that I could see my pulse visually. I mean, I realized that if I focused my attention on the peripheral view of my eyes, I could see movements that correlated to the rhythm of my heartbeat. The blood entering and leaving changed the shape of my eye, perceptively so.

That’s a new one.


I Did It For Schmience: Beer Rinse

Since I’m moving, I’m eating whatever random food I have in my fridge. I discovered skunky Miller Lite from my birthday, so instead of throwing it away, I tried washing my hair in it.

I haven’t heard of anyone doing that since the 70’s, but I had nothing to lose. This morning, I used my usual Pantene shampoo/conditioner. After rinsing, I cracked open a warm one, and poured it on my head. After a rinse, and a towel dry, I styled normally (that means I didn’t style at all) and headed off to work.

I can’t say that I smell boozy, but every once in a while, I’ll catch the yeasty waft of beer, and wonder if it’s my imagination.

My hair looks and feels exactly the same.

Logical conclusion

I, my friends, had a stellar weekend. I ate an amazing green curry, watched Blade, had the best guacamole ever, drank martinis, danced, watched Jason pack, and had my first manicure/pedicure experience. Not too shabby for my second-to-last weekend in town. Oh, I got a call on Saturday from the person judging my TKGA master knitter submission. She wanted to make sure to mail my swatches back to the best address. Because I’ll be neither in Waukegan nor Champaign, she’s mailing them to Jason’s. I’m so freaking excited.

New obsession

Somehow I got sidetracked reading my daily BoingBoing, and ended up drooling over Art Deco Brownies. That’s when I remembered I was in love with Yashica Mat cameras, and have spent the last hour looking for one on Ebay. Whew. I’ve got to stop. I might as well take up horse riding and oil painting. I like expensive hobbies.


Last night a crafter saved my life

Last night, Kat came over and we tried round two of homemade silkscreened shirts. After a little hemming and hawing about what to make, I suggested using a picture of a friend jumping up in the air. I Photoshopped the image into a shadow (by increasing contrast) and we were off!

I am working on a design for a friend, but I decided to try the stencil out on a hoodie meant for me, to make sure it worked well. (You can read that as “It looked so cool, I wanted it for myself.”)

After meticulous outlining with Modge Podge, there was a brief lull while the goo dried.

If you don’t know what the significance of the particular domino I chose is, you’re simply not cool.


We decided to mix the acrylic paint with more water this time, thinking that a thinner paint would spread easier, and not get caught in the screen as much.


Tada! I got some paint on my hand, and my hand brushed the hoodie, so that’s why there’s a dark splotch in the upper left corner of the pocket.


Aaaaaand we’re done.
jumpdone 61on

Famoose II

Summer Blast

As you well know, I have had my first brush with science fame. Having been forced into*, and hating, the Invention Convention as a child, I am smugly linking to an article written about a camper I worked with when I was a Girl Scout camp counselor. I can tell you right off that this kid was super cool, and, more importantly, super game. She’d freaking try anything. I respect that. I respect that a lot.

Anyway, in the picture I have bad camp-hair, but the shirt I’m wearing has my camp name** on the back of it, and glows in the dark. It’s too bad that even though has my full name in it, you still get a self-help author or soft-core fan-pr0n when you google me. Better than having a name-doppelganger who goes by “Moonie” and loves dolphins.

*Not parental fault. They are only responsible for the “snowsuit incident”, and my eyesight.

Technical difficulties.

I tried connecting the camera back up to the sleepy-time apparatus (you try coming up with a better term for it) but it wouldn’t connect to my computer. I’m so sorry. I know you wanted to see a third night of me sleeping, but you’re going to have to wait until tomorrow. I stayed up too late watching Comedy Central and doing laundry, so I was too brain dead to figure out what was wrong with the connection.

On the upside, my weekend was both awesome and good. Friday night was full of hanging out, which I love. I got to watch the second installment of “I Don’t Know You, Chuck Munion, but You’re On a Reality TV Show” and drink girly drinks.

THEN, on Saturday, I binged on fructose and commerce. Jason, Jake, and I went to Target, and while Jason searched for new jeans, Jake and I drank copious amounts of Dr. Pepper with chocolate syrup from the Coke break syrup machine next to the soda fountain.

High on sugar, we split up and I went to Joann’s. I was looking for a cord and drawstring bit so I can finish the epic iPod cozy. Joann’s was as barren as an ant farm left in the front window of a Buick during August.

I went over to Micro Center, where Jake and Jason had already purchased jaw-dropping amounts of computery goods (this was premeditated, it just added up fast). Giddy on their purchases, they were looking at a MIDI keyboard that, when used with Garage Band, allowed us to make fat beats. Whacked out on Dr. P, I suggested that we purchase it, knowing full well we’d be spending the rest of the evening playing with it.

I was right. I made myself a nice Peaches beat, and promptly abandoned it for a craft project. I guess some things just don’t change. I might as well have been a toddler.

Anyway, it was fun, and despite my “drop it like it’s hot” neglect of the new toy, I think there is a distinct possibility that I might have an album ready by Christmas.

I blinded myself with library science

vdsheblindedI have just been offered a graduate assistantship in the chemistry library at the U of Illinois. Woot! I’ve been stressing about this for months now, even though a lot of GAs aren’t even up for grabs yet. Getting hired as a GA was the last thing on my list of stuff I HAD to take care of before August. See, assistanships pay for instate tuition, benifits, vacation, etc. There was no way I was going to go to grad school without a graduate assistantship. This particular job is going to be mainly helping the chem library go from being mainly print based to 99% electronic. It’s a stellar experience, because lots of libraries will have to tackle this issue at some point. Seriously, this was the last thing I needed to do. I have been accepted to the program, I have an apartment, I have an hourly gig with the Center for Children’s Books, I have my sweet Abbott freelancing gig, and now I have the last piece all fit in.


Now I just need to max and relax until August. I’ve learned from Tim that I should take this time of minor responsibility as a golden age, because I will be stressed to the gills come fall. I wonder if I can get the second level of the knitting masters program done before I go …